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Private Placement Program (PPP)

We have our own Major Platform that controls several Private Placement Programs (PPP) conducted by AAA / AA rated European Prime Banks or/and Prime Banks in Switzerland, Germany, UK, Hong Kong, Singapore and USA. Our resource offers qualified investors with assets of MINIMUM of USD/EUR 100M (or more) an opportunity to participate in several secured private placement opportunities. Our asset manager who has registered traders in key money centers around the world can execute on behalf of his clients various trade programs that offer returns that can only be understood by investors who are privy and knowledgeable about the working of these transactions. This opportunity offers zero risk to clients or investors funds that remains in clients account and never leaves owners control.

Our Platform in Switzerland is an active participant in buy sell opportunities and is an active cutting house for these bank debentures. We do not offer extensive public information on these programs as they are indeed private and cannot be solicited.

We have active programs that clients can get up and running in as little as 10 days. We do not believe in hype but actual performance history of our Platform.

Services - An investment trading program project /Financial opportunity for PPP (Investment works as leverage):

Our services broaden, if the Investor appreciate our away, Bass-Mint Management offers Investors the opportunity to constitute an important leverage of their investment, how it goes:

1. The proof of funds is done from the Investor’s bank account (Demonstration of the applicant investment capacity).
2. The funds are reserved via MT760.
3. The funds are never at risk.
4. The returns may vary from 25% to 100%.
5. The duration is between 10 to 40 weeks

Procedures: Clients submit a complete compliance package with proof of funds. Funds can be CASH, Financial Instruments such as BG, CD, MTN, BANK DRAFTS, SKR and BONDS. After the Platform or/and Asset Manager reviews and does satisfactory compliance on client and his docs, he will offer a contract with the exact returns for review and execution. OUR PROCEDURES FOR APPLICATION OF TRADING PROGRAMS/PPP:
1) The Applicant (or Investor) send his updated full Compliance PKG addressed to the Platform base in Switzerland.
2) After the Platform had approved the Compliance Package & POF, than the Investor will give the order to his bank for sending a RWA PRE-ADVICE LETTER to our Platform by “EMAIL+FAX” to our compliance department.
3) Upon the receipt of the PRE-ADVICE LETTER we will issue a TRADE PROCEDURE OFFER for both parties to sign.
4) Upon the receipt of the TPO, Platform prepare and sign the final Trading Private Joint Venture Agreement with the Applicant (or Investor).
5) Applicant (or Investor) print, sign, scan and send it back in PDF file.
6) At the proper time (within 3-5 business days before the starting date of the PPP), the Platform reply with an appendix with the receiving/trading bank details. And within 24-48hrs the Investor's bank send the agreed SWIFT MT760 (from a Top European Bank) to our trading bank and investor bank’s provide us an original copy of the “ANSWER BACK” (or confirmation of receipt) from trading bank.
7) Our trading bank make’s all verification via MT799 within 3 to 5 days. Upon confirmation we receive the credit line from our bank and the trade (or PPP) will start.
8) Every Friday the profit and the fees are paid to the nominated accounts.

Clients have to submit the appropriate documentation:
A. Pre-Advice Letter & MT760 VERBIAGE from the bank institution of the applicant by FAX & EMAIL addressed to our Platform.
B. Client Information Sheet (CIS/KYC).
C. Color Copy of Passport.
D. Proof of Funds (POF) – Tear sheet, Bank Statement signed by Two (2) Bank Officers (not older than 3 days).
E. Copy of Banking Instrument.
F. History of Asset/Instrument/Cash Funds.
G. Authorization to Verify Cash or Assets.

WARNING - For information purposes:

You can click on the following links:

Convincing enough to push for funds checks! !!!!

Without any direct "VERIFICATION & CONFIRMATION" with the Investors bank's via the 4 following ways we can not engage on a transaction with any Investors:
•Friendly call communication with the private banker of the Investors.
•An email confirmation with a RWA "PRE-ADVICE LETTER with the VERBIAGE of the Block Funds" directly from the private banker of the Investors.
•Letter of Authorization to VERIFY with the investors bank addressed to our Platform.
•Bank to Bank verification & confirmation via MT799.

And to provide the clients a proposal that matches their individual ideas as closely as possible we need the following documents:

Applicants (or Investors) have to submit the appropriate documentation:
A. Pre-Advice from bank institution of the applicant by FAX & EMAIL address to the platform/asset manager.
B. Client Information Sheet (CIS/KYC).
C. Color Copy of Passport.
D. Proof of Funds (POF) – Tear sheet, Bank Statement signed by Two (2) Bank Officers (not older than 3 days).
E. Copy of Banking Instrument.
F. History of Asset/Instrument/Cash Funds.
G. Account Statement (not older than 3 days).
H. Authorization to Verify Cash Funds or Assets.
I. POA (Power of Attorney).
J. Letter of exclusivity.

The process from investor's application up to the fund's placement may take up to 4 weeks, which requires close cooperation with the applicant. Market related and operational changes in Terms & Conditions may occur and will be reported on request. As we are working only with the investor, the documentation is to be sent to the compliance department of our platform directly from the applicant or investor (principal owner) of the funds to be invested; after having received qualified documentation, further instructions will follow. Qualified applications can be processed any time in due course of action according to banking rules and regulations without particular dates or other time limits. That assures you a safe administrative and operational process of program implementation. The documentation has to be fully in place; otherwise the application cannot be considered.

Good trading programs are difficult to find, costly and time consuming to verify, quickly oversubscribed and frequently closed before interested investors can arrange the necessary funds. Literally dozens, perhaps hundreds of programs are offered annually. Many are non-existent repackaging of the same programs by different people or first time efforts that never get off the ground. The fundamental question, - which should be asked by a potential investor when reviewing program procedures - is “How does this program protect my principal from loss?” If complete protection of principal is provided for in the procedures, the potential investor has established a sound basis for moving forward. In the market of PPP as an investor, you cannot lose your assets and capital. In history there was no case of loss of capital and assets of investors. This process is completely safe, and could not cause any financial loss to you: your financial assets will never be moved to other accounts, only if the Bank Investor has Swift opportunities. Investor funds will be blocked by bank standard via SWIFT MT760, in strict accordance with the signed contract.

ONLY clients co-operating, having their funds, clean and clear, unencumbered and free of any liens with AA rated prime banks in Western Europe, Hong Kong, Singapore or USA are considered as qualified for getting invited for participating in a private placement program. For program participation, at least a MINIMUM of USD/EUR 100M as cash deposit, credit line or bank instruments are required.


Investment program/trading contracts are directly signed between the investor and our platform for the placement of funds into the investment program. Only the principal owner of funds is considered as signatory. The investor will act as the applicant and the platform will be the beneficiary. The investments remain under the control and direction in the investor's account, guaranteed for the period of the contract with the platform. The contract period is in general one year – if not special programs - based on 40 or 44 weeks trading per year; returns are guaranteed by the contract and are variable with every program, also depending on the investment sum. Extensions for a second year or more are possible.

Given these very secure procedures, why then isn’t everyone investing in these programs? There are several reasons:

Most programs operate with USD/EUR100 million or more and are meant for large investors. Relatively few programs have been structured to accept small investments less than100 million, but our Platform don’t operate bank instruments or investments less than 100M. The banks bind Program Managers or/and Platforms very strict confidentiality agreements and it is very difficult to find Program Managers or/and Platforms willing to disclose their activities.  

Investor behavior depends on “perceived” risk rather than actual risk. While the actual risk may be very low, the “perceived” risk of a little known and somewhat obscure sounding business does dissuade many investors from getting involved. Only specialized back room departments of the bank are involved with these transactions. Most bank officials have no knowledge of them; knowledgeable banking officials are sworn to secrecy and would never divulge the existence of this market for fear of disturbing large depositors who would clamor for higher deposit yields.






If you are not knowledgeable about the working of these PPP transactions or don’t know anything about PPP, please READ CAREFULLY:

What is a Private Placement Program (PPP) also called Programs Buy/Sell or Programs Commonly Know as High Yield or Trading Programs?

Private placement trading programs usually involves trading with medium term bank notes (MTNs) or Treasury Bills called T-Bills. PPP refers specifically to private placement trading programs with a high return on the investment associated with humanitarian project funding programs or Fed programs as compared to capital enhancement programs.

These programs provide the traders with fresh issues of MTNs or T-Bills that produce high profit margins. This is known as the first tier. In the commercial world this would be called the B2B wholesale market. Now we all know that end users usually do not have access to the prices offered in the wholesale market, so they buy goods in the convenience store and not direct from the producer.

Most of the time these programs require the investors to use a portion of their earnings for projects of humanitarian, social, or economic development in nature to make sure that part of these Profits are put back into the economy. Even after deducting the portion of earnings to be used for projects, the investor is still left with a very substantial profit for their own investments.

Performing PPP programs are difficult to find and are not always available. Only a very restricted number of high-level traders or platforms can get access to these type of programs. Many capable investors have been looking around for PPPs for years and are unable to find a performing provider. Often they have wasted large sums of money by sending MT760’s to banks and so called traders that simply cannot perform.

Genuine programs are without risk to the investor what so ever, as the credit line raised against the capital is underwritten by the trading group. The (Investor) therefore is involved for the purpose of audit only, as it is by law that Financial institutions are not allowed to participate and therefore have to find a Private entity either a private person or company. At no time are the investor’s or better called Audit Fund Provider’s funds used for the trade.

The procedures to enter are simple and fairly standard, however the Audit Fund Provider will have to adhere to strict compliance and non-disclosure. Many claim to be next to traders, this is 99.99% not the case. Traders are very busy people and have no time to sit down and have a chat. Therefore they have a structure in place where the first contact is with a compliance officer or asset manager or a platform that will go through the submission papers and sort out the good from the nonsense.

Only a very limited number of high-level traders or platforms can execute such programs. Traders - very busy people and have no opportunity to negotiate with the huge number of brokers, investors and owners are often of dubious financial assets. Therefore, they have the structure (compliance officer or asset manager of the platform), which will study and conduct verification of the proposed papers.

Authentic Private Placement Program without risk, designed exclusively for private investors (companies or individuals), high-level, according to the law financial institutions (banks, financial funds, etc.) are not allowed to participate in the PPP. Trader or/and platform consolidates the assets of private companies and individuals for use in financial transactions, bringing high profits. The procedures to enter the trade are simple and fairly standard, but the Control Provider Fund (Audit Fund Provider) will have to adhere to a strict agreement of all parties and non-disclosure.

We have the ability and capacity to provide the investors with high profits through entry into the secure, private placement programs in direct cooperation with the managers of the platform or/and traders FED USA, as well as a number of banking service providers in Europe or/and Prime Banks in Switzerland, Germany, UK, Hong Kong, Singapore and USA. It is a long-term (40 weeks) or short-term programs or FED Banking Trade (Banking Trading), by using your CASH or bank instruments of foreign banks with a rating of AAA/AA (Via MT760), as well asset as GOLD or Depotschein/CD or SKR of ultrafine Copper Powders (PG) - Copper (powder), placed on deposit in banks or Security House.

PPP contracts provided a high equity capital and / or the possibility of obtaining additional major trader credits for use in financial transactions in order to maximize revenue. Investor investments remain under his control and direction in investor’s account, guaranteed for the period of the contract.

If the investors have an opportunity and a desire to place funds in a private placement programs (PPP), we can help. In a short time - two weeks after checking the documents received and due diligence process, the investors will receive a contract via email, or/and an invitation, which will be assigned a date and place of signing a contract with our platform in Switzerland. Under existing rules, the platform manager is negotiating exclusively with the investors; the transfer of assets in the management to the middlemen is prohibited. The contract between the platform and the investor is confidential; however, this does not exclude participation in the discussion and signing of qualified, experienced lawyer. An investor should act with caution and should not try to save money on the services of the lawyer and the financial adviser, remember the proverb that "Free cheese is only in a mousetrap". Investors should also take all measures to further block their assets, to prevent unauthorized access by outsiders.

In the market of PPP as an investor, you cannot lose your assets and capital. In history there was no case of loss of capital and assets of investors. This process is completely safe, and could not cause any financial loss to investors: applicant financial assets will never be moved to other accounts, only if the Bank Investor has Swift opportunities. Your funds will be blocked by your bank standard via SWIFT MT760, in strict accordance with the signed contract.

List of banking or/and financial instruments used in PPP (via MT760):

1. Cash (Proof of funds - statement of account).
2. Bank Guarantee (Banking Guarantee - BG).
3. Certificate of Deposit (Certificate of Deposit - CD).
4. Bank bonds (Medium Term Note - MTN)
5. Bank deposit receipt (Safekeeping Receipt - SKR).
6. Banking bill (Banking Bill).
7. Corporate bill accepted by Bank (Promissory Note - PN)
8. Depotschein / Certificate of Deposit Security House or SKR of bank, which is based on ultrafine copper powder (PG)-Copper (powder) Isotopic fractions CU 63/CU65 Cu 63 = 69,1%, Cu 65 = 30.9 or/and High Purity Powder Copper pure at 99.998%, deposited in the Security House, or the bank.

Generally, funds should be cash deposited on the Applicant or Investor's account (minimum A+ prime bank), clean and clear, unencumbered and free of any liens; larger funds stay in principal's account as blocked (or/and reserved funds) in his bank and no transfer is necessary as long as the bank allows the issuance of a SWIFT MT760; with investor’s deposit, only prime banks in Western Europe and United States are acceptable; Asian clients should cooperate with AA / A+ rated banks, their branches in Western Europe. Banks in Asia only with exceptional rating (Hong Kong, Singapore) and affiliated, correspondence banks in Western Europe; Besides cash deposited funds, also financial instruments as Bank Guarantee (BG formats ICC487/500 or ICC600), Safe Keeping Receipt (SKR) guaranteed by client's bank and backed by bankable asset, Certificate of Deposit (CD) originating from prime banks and a Credit Line can be utilized as well for investment programs; however, cash deposited funds are most suitable for fund's placement. ONLY clients co-operating with Western European, Hong Kong, Singapore or US American A+ and AA rated banks are considered as qualified for getting invited for placement of their funds into an investment program.

The issuing bank should not be a resident of a country within the compiled International Group on Anti-Money Laundering (FATF) "blacklist" of countries that are not cooperating in the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing (Myanmar, Nauru, Nigeria). Indonesia, the Philippines and the Cook Islands are excluded from the list, but more attention to them remains.

Bank instruments to be issued in the international format, according to ICC 500, ICC 600 (Available - ICC 400), must be verifiable bank-to-bank by SWIFT MT760 format, or deposited into an international clearing systems (Euroclear, FED Screen, etc.) that also allow for their verification.

No intermediaries are acceptable on this type of PPP operations (For two main reasons #1: To many confidential documents involves and we don’t want to take any risk, all the files we receive are treated as strictly private and confidential. #2: We don’t want any misunderstanding or bad communication.)  

The Structure of business protocol can only be as follows:

(The Applicant)
(Compliance Department of the Platform)
(Major Platform based in Switzerland)
(Financial Institutions)


The Rules of the Road for Trading Program (PPP):

1) None of the customary standards and practices that apply to conventional business, investing and finance applies to our marketplace.
2) Personal financial and business success has virtually nothing to do with who you are and what you think you know, but almost everything to do with who you are and how you conduct yourself.
3) It is a privilege to be invited to participate in one of our Private Placement programs. It is not a "right." These programs deliver unparalleled yields in combination with absolutely no program-related risk. The trading administrators and managers have a virtually endless supply of financially qualified applicants. All things considered, the trading banks will favour the applicant with the best background, the best attitude and the best paperwork.
4) An applicant should never underestimate what the trading entities know about him. Failure to provide full disclosure will summarily disqualify the disingenuous.
5) Generally, the programs exist to finance humanitarian projects, not to generate more money for the wealthy. Clients who have projects usually receive preferred treatment and the highest yields.
6) Clients must first prove that they are qualified, not the other way around. Until the platform or traders and trading banks accept the client, nothing shall happen.
7) Face-to-face interview with compliance officers and program management are often required (Only upon request of the compliance or platform). An arrogant or demanding personality will guarantee rejection.
8) Only the principal owner of funds is considered as signatory. Corporations must empower an existing officer or director as sole and exclusive signatory (also exclusive signatory on the bank account in which the funds reside), by Corporate Resolution.
9) Not only do the funds have to be on deposit in a top bank; the bank must be in an acceptable western jurisdiction. If not, the funds have to be moved to such a jurisdiction or a suitable bank in an acceptable venue must guarantee them with full responsibility.
10) It is felony fraud to submit documents or financial instruments that have been forged, altered or counterfeited. Such papers are immediately referred to the appropriate law enforcement bodies for immediate criminal prosecution
11) The practices, procedures and rules are determined by the Federal Reserve USA, Program Management or Platform, Licensed Traders and Trading Banks. It is their decision as to whom to accept and whom to reject. Contract terms, yields, schedules, etc., are made to fit their needs and schedules and not the caprices or demands of the candidate.
12) This marketplace is strictly confidential, and absolute confidentiality is a key element of virtually every contract. A client who breaks confidentiality will precipitate instant cancellation of his contract, often with severe financial consequences.
13) Submission of application documents to more than one management group at a time is termed, "shopping." If a prospect "shops," he can expect that this fact shall be quickly disseminated among management groups who maintain close communication, and he shall be accepted by none - rejected by all ("black listed").

Disclaimer:We are not a United States Securities Dealer, NFA/CFTC Member, or United States Investment Advisor. All articles and related documents are never considered to be a solicitation for any purpose, in any form or content. Upon reading the articles and information you hereby acknowledge this warning and Disclaimer. All information provided is for informational purposes only, and shall not be relied upon as personal financial advice. Any reference to a specific trading strategy is only to assist in learning, and shall NEVER be relied upon when making future investment decisions.





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