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Bass-Mint Management was first established in Montreal, Canada under the name of BASS-MINT ENTERTAINMENT in 1997. The principal of BASS-MINT MANAGEMENT, Mr. Carl-Edward OSIAS started his business career as a DJ & Concert Promoter in 1987. Capitalizing on the International contacts and relationships developed in this field, Mr. OSIAS Established Bass-Mint Management an International Trade and Entertainment Company, now owned and coordinated through extensive family and friend’s connections.  Bass-Mint Management commenced International Trade facilitation in 2007 as a agent for established commodities organizations and high net worth individuals. Since its inception, the company has acted as an Intermediary, a Facilitator and a Mandate for Buyers & Sellers in the Petroleum, Industrial, and Agricultural Commodity arenas.

During the last five (5) years the structure and strategies initiated by the Company have varied by transaction. During this period, Bass-Mint Management has established mutually beneficial relationships with international buyers, sellers and producers in the International Trade Business across the Globe. Today with its dynamic, experienced, and well-educated staff, Bass-Mint Management is working as reliable buyer, supplier, logistics advisor, and on time delivery provider for International Trade transactions. Rapid fulfillment and complete contract supply management has been the priority of the company.

Today the Bass-Mint Management organization has several business units including; Major Platforms that controls several Trading Program/PPP with Bank Instruments (BG, CD, MTN, BANK DRAFTS, SKR and BONDS). And Export, Wholesale Goods Transit & Trade (Petroleum Products “D2 & JP54”, Cement, Copper Powder, Gold, Urea & DAP Fertilizer); Committed Contracts; Private Label Production; Recording Artist; Booking and Entertainment Management; Concert Event & Production; CD & DVD Records Store Ownership; Restaurant, Bar & Nightclub Ownership, Consultant Marketing & Promotion Agency; Real Estate Business, Construction Industries, Hotel Ownership. Our company mission is to drive growth and progress day after day by developing our product range as we improve our qualifications and experience.  

Bass-Mint Management is a privately held Investment Holding Company, organized in 2007 as an agent on the Trading Business, and officially established in 2008 as a International Trade Company. Bass-Mint Management maintains corporate headquarters in Montreal - Canada operating as an international trading company with Commodities specialty in Petroleum Products (D2 & JP54) and also operate as Asset Manager for Trading Program/Private Placement Program (PPP) with Bank Instruments (BG, CD, MTN, BANK DRAFTS, SKR and BONDS) or Cash Funds Account via MT60, our Platform in Switzerland is an active participant in buy-sell opportunities and is as an active cutting house for these bank debentures. Chief Executive Officer is Mr. Carl-Edward OSIAS has over twenty (20) years management expertise and 5 years experience in the oil and international trade business, starting as a Agent for BUYERS and SELLERS.

Since 2007, Bass-Mint Management has entered working agreements with several trading companies all over the world. Under the stewardship of Mr. OSIAS, Bass-Mint Management has grown substantially through mergers and joint venture arrangements. As a committed professional in the commodity trading business, Carl-Edward OSIAS has developed many close and friendly relationships. Using business acumen developed over years of experience, Mr. OSIAS and Bass-Mint Management are now positioned with a strong and reputable group of partners who have formed a Joint Venture specifically focussed on Refined Petroleum Trade.  The partnership members have extensive knowledge and experience of the Russian Oil Industry with well established relationships with the 3 major Russian oil Companies, Gazprom, Rosneft, Linden Process System.

Bass-Mint Management and its partners have worked hard to earn, and continue to work hard to keep, a deserved reputation for professional integrity and discretion by maintaining open and direct communication with all counterparties.
For reasons of confidentiality and security for the principal members of the Joint Venture partnership, Mr. OSIAS has been elected the Chief Principal Officer of the Joint Venture for all Petroleum, Copper Powder, Stock and Bank Instruments transactions undertaken by the partnership.

We have trade links with the importers, exporters, distributors, traders and wholesalers all around the world and it is most likely that we can supply any product or commodity provided it is a substantial and ongoing business. Bass-Mint Management is committed to providing the highest levels of quality and service to its clients, whilst at the same time maintaining a friendly and personal service on which our Company is based. We are also very confident that you will find that our prices and our ability to guarantee continuity of supply are first class. We would look forward to the opportunity to be of service to you in the near future.





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Fuel Components

GASOLINE accounts for roughly 44 percent of all refinery products. Gasoline is not a single hydrocarbon, but may be a blend of several. Commercial burners. Low-grade heating oil is used in industrial and commercial burners.
JET FUEL, also called aviation gasoline, is kerosene blended to specifications for general and military aircraft.

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D2 Diesel
MAZUT 100 / 75
Urea & DAP Fertilizer
Ordinary Portland cement
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Private Placement Program (PPP)
BG for Non-Recourse Loan

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