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Bass-Mint Management provides unique access to the World’s International Trade.

As an International Trade Company, Bass-Mint Management offers qualified buyers a direct, reliable and competitively priced, global source for Petroleum Products (D2 & JP54) and also provides Trading Program/PPP with Bank Instruments for potential qualified Investors via MT760.


Our firm provides creative sourcing solutions and delivers premium products for International Institutions. We work very hard to locate the best sellers and buyers and create good business relationships. Bass-Mint Management is an exciting young international trading company based in Montreal, Canada which acts as a Provider or Seller (sometime as Mandate) in supplying a variety of commodities to established Buyers, Clients and Investors in the Commodity Industry. And we do have a Platform in Switzerland that is an active participant in buy & sell opportunities for Trading Program/Private Placement Program (PPP) with Bank Instruments like BG, CD, MTN, BANK DRAFTS, SKR and BONDS.


Bass-Mint Management is dedicated to significantly improving the process for our trading partners to bring to market our premium offerings. The quality of our products will guarantee a dominance of the market for the service and value Bass-Mint Management provides in its living operation. As our company grows we will pursue the opportunity to create, captivate and cultivate both current and new markets. 

Bass-Mint Management is continuously broadening its business practices to offer new services and products. Bass-Mint Management is the first firm of its kind to come into the industry. Bass-Mint Management offers a different, better way to do business.


Bass-Mint Management has very strong established connections worldwide and through its many suppliers is able to offer its clients large quantities at very competitive prices for the following valuable commodities, including but not limited to Petroleum Products (D2 & JP54), Urea, DAP Fertilizer, Cement, Gold, Copper Powder (Isotope) and also operate as Compliance Director or/and Asset Manager for Trading Program/Private Placement Program (PPP) with Bank Instruments (BG, CD, MTN, BANK DRAFTS, SKR and BONDS) or Cash Funds Account via MT60, our Platform in Switzerland is an active participant in buy-sell opportunities and is as an active cutting house for these bank debentures. Bass-Mint Management team of principals, consultants and advisors represents the ideal mix of multi-disciplinary industry consulting firm that has over 20 years of Business experience in financial management, performance marketing, production, distribution, International import & export sales, service, consulting, programming, network administration, and database servicing.

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Fuel Components

GASOLINE accounts for roughly 44 percent of all refinery products. Gasoline is not a single hydrocarbon, but may be a blend of several. Commercial burners. Low-grade heating oil is used in industrial and commercial burners.
JET FUEL, also called aviation gasoline, is kerosene blended to specifications for general and military aircraft.

Our Offerings

D2 Diesel
MAZUT 100 / 75
Urea & DAP Fertilizer
Ordinary Portland cement
Copper Powder
Private Placement Program (PPP)
BG for Non-Recourse Loan

Contact Us

CANADA: 6060 Metropolitan EST, Suite 100 Montreal, QC, H1S 1A9 Canada
SWITZERLAND: Avenue de la Gare 1, 1700 Fribourg Fribourg Switzerland
FRANCE:4, rue des Noisetiers 95140 Garges Les Gonesse France
Tel : +(438) 994-4099 Fax :+(514) 253-9414 e-mail : ceo@bassmintmanagement.com
SKYPE : BassMint.Management.Group